Yarra Valley Winery Helicopter Proposal and more for Jake and Nassia. This would be one of the most romantic proposals we have been part of.  The weather was not going to dappen this proposal out in the beautiful Yarra Valley.

We arrived a little earlier than expected as the weather forecast for the day was going to be challenge as it was discussed with Jake that the proposal was to be amongst the vines at the beautiful Levantine Winery.  However, after great discussion with the venue the weather was not going to be in our favour, and we had to come up with a back up plan.  There was an option to have it in small area of the restaurant, but we felt that there was not enough room to setup and it was not going to be private as planned.

yarra valley winery proposal

And just like that it went off like it was all part of the plan.  Jake and Nassia flew in by helicopter with Jake pointing out the proposal however Nassia did not quite realise that there was a proposal setup below.  They landed safely in the designated area and walked down the stairs on to the decking area straight into the proposal setup.  Walking along the red carpet with rose petals and roses aligned down each side of the carpet with Marry Me light up letters waiting at the end for Jake to get down on bended knee and propose.

We had the pleasure of having the gorgeous engagement ring a couple of days prior placing the ring on the red carpet ready for Jake to pick up as he proposed.  As Jake was unsure how to hide the ring in his jacket or pants he asked if we would look after the ring on his behalf.

yarra valley marriage proposal
yarra valley helicopter proposal

So, we decided to have it out on the deck area as we had a little undercover section to work with and the windows of the restaurant were tinted so it created the privacy we needed although the guests inside the restaurant had front row seating.  We were working outside the square to make it as perfect as possible.

As Jake had organised to arrive by helicopter from the city the venue, we able to contact the helicopter company to arrange for the helicopter to land in specific location which allowed them be greeted by the venue and walk down the stairs from the lawn area straight into the proposal setup on the outdoor deck area giving instant impact for Jake to propose.

yarra valley proposal

We also arranged at Jake’s request to capture the moment with our friends at Ferdi Photography to photograph and videography the proposal.  Wow the professional photos were just amazing.

After the proposal Jake and Nassia took the time to have photos around the venue and in front of the helicopter before heading inside to have a lovely winery lunch before heading back via helicopter to Melbourne to spend the weekend in the city.  We had wrapped up the 100 red roses for Nassia to take back on the helicopter.

helicopter proposal melbourne

Yarra Valley Winery Helicopter Proposal