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Proposal Process and FAQ

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Let’s Start With That Idea…

Have an idea and ready to ask your love to Marry You, but you need a bit of help putting a romantic proposal together? Then let us help you. By sending us an enquiry with some details, you are a step closer to the “Yes!” that you dream of. We will be in contact shortly after your initial enquiry to discuss and help with the next step.  If you can’t wait you can call us too…

Melbourne Wedding Proposals - Proposal Process - Will You Marry Me
Melbourne Wedding Proposals - Proposal Process and FAQ - Red Rose Petals

Let’s Plan and Create the Moment

Now that contact has been made, we are here for you to help plan and create the romantic proposal moment that you have been dreaming of.  We will help with all the little details from the styling and setup to booking and working with the other suppliers as needed to make it perfect.  We have a wide range of supplier friends on hand to enhance the romance along with a wide range of props available for you to hire to bring it all together.

Let The Romance Begin The Moment Has Come

“Oh” Let the Romance Begin, the  day and the moment has come  “Let’s Propose”.  We will have a step by step plan in process so that you know what will happen and when, making the whole process seamless. We will be there from start to finish as needed so all you have do is say “Will You Marry Me?” We are here supporting you every step of the way!

Melbourne Wedding Proposals - Proposal Process - The Time Has Come

Need to know more? Here are some of our most common Frequently Asked Questions at Melbourne Wedding Proposals.

How much notice do I need to plan a proposal with you?

Depending on how elaborate or simple your proposal, it can be up to 4 weeks for something elaborate. For something simpler, it’ll take a few days to a week. The amount of time is allows us to plan your proposal down to a  T, so they’ll say “Yes!”.  Especially if we need organise permits, other suppliers etc to make your proposal a seamless event and one to remember.

Do I need a backup plan due to unforeseen circumstances, such as weather?

Depending on the time of the year and location setup yes, a backup plan is advisable. As much as we would all like the perfect day, Melbourne is known to have 4 seasons all in the one day. We’d advise a back up plan especially if you are having an outdoor proposal.

This can be discussed with us in the planning process.

Can you help with other suppliers / vendors to give our proposal extra special touches?

Yes we can! Having been working in the wedding industry for nearly 10 years we have 100’s of supplier friends we can recommend. From photographers, videographers, cars, caterers, florists, hair and makeup artists, celebrants and musicians at our finger tips   All our supplier friends are highly recommended so you’ll be well looked after.

Will you be there for support?

Yes, our team will be there for the initial setup, to the proposal and pack down after the proposal. We will be working behind the scenes and beside you as needed. We’ll aim to make your proposal for you to enjoy in the moment that will last a lifetime. It is all about the two of you, so we will be seen by you not by the both of you. This creates the perfect moment just like our couples getting married.  It all happens like a dream!

Have any other questions? Just ask we will be happy to answer them for you!

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