Valentine’s Day Postponed Proposal was not going to stop Rob on proposing after Victoria’s 5 day snap lockdown due to a covid outbreak happened over the Valentine’s Day Weekend in February 2021.

We were pleased to postponed Rob’s proposal for a couple of weeks so that he could have a romantic proposal setup done at home in their backyard as planned.

Arrangements were made with us to setup on Saturday evening after they both left for dinner and to be ready on their return later that evening.


A garage key was left in a special spot for us so we could access the backyard via the garage.  We unloaded the lights and set them up running power into the garage and then scattered fresh rose petals around the base of the lights to help create a romantic feel to the proposal.

On return from dinner Rob told Amenda to stay in the car.  For Amenda this was not uncommon as Rob is known for doing quirky surprises.  Rob did a quick dash through the house to the backyard to check everything was ready. 

Rob headed back to the car to collect Amenda before escorting her through there home before going into the backyard to propose. 

Valentine’s Day Postponed Proposal:

Proposal Tip:  We don’t need house access to setup a proposal in the backyard. Organising a garage key is perfect as this can be left in a meter box, shoe at the front door or in a pot plant for example.  We normally arrive just after you have left and we always knock on the door to make sure no one is home to spoil the surprise.

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