Sunflower Proposal at the Museum at Melbourne’s Immigration Museum was the perfect location for Jarvis and Sree.  With a garden of 200 sunflowers lined the white carpet runner creating a garden of love.

The sunflowers were placed on either side of the carpet and around the top in a circular format and a small lounge place in the middle at the end for Jarvis to take a seat before getting down on bended knee to propose to Sree.

Sunflowers are Sree’s favorite flower so with this had to be the flower of choice for this proposal.  Sree met Jarvis at the Immigration Museum afterwork where it was arranged with the museum to have her escorted to The Long Room where Jarvis was waiting,

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Sunflower Proposal at the Museum

They arranged for their own professional photographer who took photos of the proposal and did a small photo shoot afterwards before they left to go home to family to announce their engagement and to celebrate.

Once the proposal was over, we wrapped as many of the Sunflowers up for Sree to take home and as many as she could carry.  We also had permission to wrap more up and pass them onto the photographer for him to take some home for his wife as well as for the staff at the museum.

Sunflower Proposal at the Museum

Proposal Tip: Any flower is perfect for a proposal especially when it is a favorite flower.  Red Roses are known as the flower of love.  But love any type of flower and fresh flowers and proposals do create some of the most romantic proposals.  When having fresh flowers, they are always a purchase item and yours to take home once the proposal is over.