Rooftop Proposal Langham Hotel was the romantic location for  Jovan and Jennifer’s proposal just in time for Christmas.  With a rooftop style balcony suite allowed them to have the perfect intimate night away and for Jovan to create a private proposal for just the two of them.

With the Langham Hotel located at Southbank allowed them to have city views in the background allowing Jovan to get down on bended knee and propose in the perfect setting.


langham hotel proposal
rooftop proposal melbourne

Jovan arranged to check into the hotel in the afternoon and organized for us meet him in the allocated rooftop room to setup.  With the proposal all setup for an evening proposal the mood was set for a romantic evening.

What can we say with a photo sent to us from the couple when we arrived the following morning to collect what more can we say.  That was certainly a YES !!!

What a perfect Christmas present for them both and an amazing high to finish of 2020.

Jovan and Jennifer’s proposal setup included

  • Marry Me Lights
  • Red Carpet Runner
  • Fresh Flower Petals in red, white and pinks
  • Led Pillar Candles


Rooftop Proposal Langham Hotel


Proposal Tip

When choosing a hotel for your proposal choose a hotel that will give you the amazing impact not only for setting of getting down on one knee to propose but also for the perfect photo backdrop.  When the proposal only lasts for short time the photos and memory of the proposal will last a lifetime. Perfect to share with family and friends and generations to follow.

The Langham Hotel in Melbourne has some beauitiful balcony suites so remember to plan ahead and book you desired suite or room. When booking advise the hotel you are booking a room for a marriage proposal.