New Home Marriage Proposal planned by Michael to propose to Christie on settlement of the home they just purchased together.  A double celebration as they move forward together in their lives.  With special permission with the previous owner and the real estate agent we were able to setup the proposal the day before settlement.

So with early access we met Michael at their new home to setup a beautiful proposal.  Setting up our Marry Me Lights with silk petals,  led candles and red roses in cylinder vases created a multi level setting .


marry me lights melbourne
marriage proposal ideas

With the proposal scene set and settle of their home completed it was time to what Christie thought was to move in and start unpacking.  With family and friends waiting out the front with a truck load of furniture and personal belongings know that this was not the only reason they were waiting.

With the keys in hand Michael and Christie opened their new front door and walked through the house to the kitchen area in straight into Michael’s proposal. Down on bended knee Michael proposed to Christie with family and friends right behind them.


We met Christie the following day on pick up and speaking with them both Christie had know idea.  House full of their possessions and additional flowers from family and friends Christie and Michael now had twice the celebration,

Wishing them both all the best for the future in celebrating their lives together and their new home.


New Home Marriage Proposal  Michael and Christie

Proposal Tip: Needing balloons and need them for the following day we suggest having high float in your balloons so they will last longer in the air and will not deflate prior to when you need them and they will also stay up days after as well.