Langham Hotel Rooftop Proposal for Ahmed to propose while staying at the hotel overnight was the location for his proposal.  The balcony suites have the most amazing city views which are not only romantic but private.

It was a back to back proposals for us with our first being this gorgeous setup with our Marry Me Lights, Red Carpet, petals and candles all setup ready for Ahmed and his now fiancé when they checked later that evening.  Then we headed off to Left Bank Restaurant and Cocktail Bar around the corner.   You can check out that proposal on the Left Bank Proposal post.

langham hotel rooftop proposal
langham hotel proposal rooftop


A night of romance, love, and commitment to be shared that evening.

We received a photo of the lovely couple later that evening.  Which we have shared on our blog post for Ahmed’s Langham Hotel Rooftop Proposal.  We wish them every happiness for the future as they now plan their engagement celebrations along with a wedding further down the track.

Langham Hotel Rooftop Proposal

Proposal Tip: Setting up a proposal at hotel make sure that there is room for a proposal whether it is a hotel with a balcony suite just like the Langham Hotel or a hotel suite with maybe more than 1 room or hotel room which is large.  This allows us to move furniture if needed to setup the props and create the perfect backdrop for you to get down on bended knee and propose.

Always allow for weather conditions for your proposal nothing more than Melbourne’s four seasons in a day weather spoil your proposal and celebrations.  A balcony proposal in Winter can be a toruch and go situation.  As with all our hotel proposals where possible are an overnight proposal.