Lakeside Garden Proposal Melbourne at the Tim Neville Arboretum was the location for Rocky’s proposal on Sunday midday proposal.  We were booked by another proposal company from Sydney to assist in setting up a proposal at garden location within the Eastern Suburbs.

After doing some research the Tim Nevilled Arboretum was chosen and we were to find a location within the gardens for the setup.  Having arrived extra early not only to help find a location but being a public gardens on a warm Summer Day we were unsure how busy the park may get.

And we were right arriving early was in our favour not only was the park getting busy with families setting up for picnics but we were able to secure the perfect lakeside proposal location giving minimum public interference especially when it came to photos and privacy.

The proposal included our Marry Me Lights with red carpet, fresh flower petals and some led candles for an intimate setting all setup in front of the lake.   With such a beautiful lake location also included some ducks wondering around just before the proposal.

The lovely couple arrived just before 12 midday and walked into the gardens for what was planned as a leisurely walk before going outt for lunch in the Yarra Valley .  As we had been setting up early people in the park gathered around on the outskirts of the park to watch the proposal and congratulate the couple with a cheer and clapping.

A professional photographer also captured the moment along with a small photo shoot afterwards  before leaving to go to lumch  Here are some of our photos of the setup we took.  Unfortunately we are unable to access the professional photos.

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Lakeside Garden Proposal Melbourne