Lakeside Bed and Breakfast Proposal was the location for Kelvin’s proposal based in Kilysth at the Lakeside Cottage Luxury Bed and Breakfast.  It was a Sunday evening taking a night away to propose to Shermayne. With Proposal set for sunset.

lakeside bed and breakfast proposal

We drove down the road to remain out of site while with only their close friends and the photographer remaining to be there for the proposal.  We came back about half an hour after the proposal to find that we had a YES!

We could not be happier for both Kelvin and Shermayne as they celebrated in getting engaged. They spent the evening at the cottage and celebrated with the bottle of champagne.

lakeside proposal melbourne

A beautiful gazebo located on the property was the backdrop and focal point for the proposal.  The venue had decorated the gazebo with curtains and fairy lights including providing a bottle of champagne to celebrate with afterwards.  We provided the Marry Me Lights which were placed inside the gazebo with close friends of the couple attending and brought along some photos to hang in and around the gazebo.

Now that the gazebo was fully decorated and ready to go it was just a matter of waiting for Kelvin and Shermayne to arrive.  A professional photographer was also on site to capture the proposal and take some photos afterward.  Memories to be captured and will now last a lifetime.

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Lakeside Bed and Breakfast Proposal


Proposal Tip: Adding some personal touches to your proposal such as photo frames or photos of the two of you helps make your proposal more personalized.  Whether you place the photos in frames or have photos printed and placed or hanging from balloon ribbon or string stretched from one point to another.