George on Collins Proposal Melbourne was the location for Sarkee to propose on a Friday night in May.  It was planned that his now beautiful finance was meeting him for a work function when in fact that was not the case.


Due to the venue having another function at 6pm we had a tight timeline to setup propose and pack down. Sarkee had another location booked a few weeks earlier, but it did not go to plan and due to work commitments wanted to propose as soon as possible as he was going to interstate for a couple of weeks.



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George on Collins Proposal Melbourne

So having connections at George on Collins restaurant and bar he finally was able to pull his proposal together.  With the help of his future sister-in-law ourselves and the venue we got the proposal all setup and ready for a 5pm proposal.   However, the proposal did not happen until 5.30pm as traffic and parking were a factor unprepared for but that didn’t matter.  With the music playing in the background as she was walked into the function with the room set it all went off with privacy and excitement.

The function room was set with our Marry Me Lights with a 6meter red carpet aligned with led candles with vases or red roses and box of red roses and balloons provided by Sarkee

 George on Collins Proposal Melbourne

Proposal Tip:  Planning a proposal in the city allow for parking and traffic when proposing on a busy evening such as a Friday night.  Once proposed allow for photos to capture the moment to share with family and friends afterwards.  A video with a professional videographer or iPhone video by a friend or ourselves is also recommended as this is a moment that will last a lifetime.