Gazebo Proposal Elizabethan Lodge was the scene for Ali’s proposal.  Ali followed his beautiful girlfriend from Sydney to Melbourne after she had relocated to Melbourne for Work It was an early afternoon proposal before going out to dinner at Eureka Skydeck to celebrate.

Ali had sent us an inspiration photo of what he wanted, and we were able to adapt to his request. Having now introduced our new Neon “Will You Marry Me” sign to our proposal hire range we were able to attach it to our round arch with fresh flower arrangements by our florist Tyabb Roses.

Ali had organised with Elizabethan Lodge to hire the Gazebo set in their beautiful gardens.  We then setup our round arch with the neon “Will You Marry Me” lights along with red floral arrangements to the top side and bottom.  We were provided with some photos of the lovely couple which we placed them in photo frames and ran them down the steps on either side before running one of our red carpet runners to create a red carpet proposal setup.

Congratulations to the lovely couple wishing them both every happiness for the future.

Gazebo Proposal Elizabethan Lodge