Do It Yourself Marry Me Proposal Package

• 1 x Heart Shaped Rug in Red Or White
• 1 x 25cm High “Marry Me” Battery Operated Lights
• 1 x Bag of  Silk Petals Red Or White
• 30 x Battery Operated Tea Lights in Glass Votive

Price $150.00

This Do It Yourself marriage proposal package if perfect for anyone wanting to do a private proposal at home or a night away with a home cooked dinner, champagne and just the two of you.
Pick up is available from our warehouse in Seaford a day or two before and returns are due a day or two after.

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do it yourself proposal package

With our “Do It Yourself “Marry Me?’ Proposal Package” can make this significant moment both unique and memorable. Here’s how you can create an enchanting proposal using such our proposal package:

  1. Select a Special Location: Choose a place that holds meaning for both of you, whether it’s your favorite park, the spot where you first met, or even your living room adorned with additional sentimental decorations.  Hotel rooms are perfect also for a special night away.

  2. How to use our  Decorations: Use the items in the proposal package to set the scene. Use the location to your advantage such as a hotel room place the Marry Me lights on the bed, place the tealight candles around the room or around the base of the bed and scatter the silk petals around the room.  The heart shaped rug is perfect as the focal point to go down on bended knee.

  3. Add Some Additional Personal Decorations: Make your proposal about the two of you.  Add photo frames of the two of you of some of your most romantic dates and special occasions.  Don’t forget to adda bottle of bubbly and some chocolates even a lovely bouquet of flowers.

  4. Capture the Moment:  Have a friend or family member capture the moment if you can’t afford a professional photographer. This can be with an iphone to video the moment and also take some lovely photos for you to sharer with family and friends later.  If you are clever setup a tripod before hand.

Using a DIY proposal package allows you to create a proposal that’s thoughtful and uniquely yours, ensuring your partner feels cherished and loved. The effort you put into personalizing the experience will make it an unforgettable memory for both of you. 

Hire one of our do it yourself Me Proposal Packages a couple of days before and return after the proposal the following day or on the Monday after if it is a weekend proposal.