​For Kris and Binu’s special proposal at Crown Metropol, we embraced a vibrant pink theme, chosen specifically by Kris in honor of Binu’s favorite color. The decorations featured a variety of pink elements to create a romantic and memorable setting.


  • Pink Balloons: The room was adorned with pink and heart-shaped foil balloons, creating a whimsical and celebratory atmosphere.
  • Pink and White Silk Petals: These petals were scattered elegantly around the room, adding a touch of romance and luxury.
  • Pink Roses: Vases filled with fresh pink roses were strategically placed to enhance the beauty of the setting and provide a fragrant ambiance.

Key Elements:

  • Marry Me Lights: These illuminated letters were a focal point of the proposal setup, adding a sparkling and heartfelt message.
  • LED Candles: LED candles provided a warm and romantic glow, setting the perfect mood for the proposal.
  • Photo Frames: Personalized photo frames were included to showcase cherished memories and add a personal touch to the decorations.

Arrangement: The decorations were carefully arranged to be forward-facing, ensuring that they were the perfect backdrop for the proposal with Melbourne’s city lights behind. This consideration was made knowing that family members would join the couple in the room after the proposal to celebrate and take photos.

Space for Guests: We ensured that there was ample space for guests to take photos with the couple. Kris had also arranged for a professional photographer to capture the magical moments of the evening, making the layout and accessibility of the decorations a crucial aspect of the setup.

Overall, the pink-themed proposal at Crown Metropol was designed to be both visually stunning and deeply personal, creating an unforgettable experience for Kris and Binu and their loved ones.

crown metropol melbourne proposal
crown melbourne proposal

Crown Metropol Pink Proposal