Bright Airbnb Proposal for this lovely couple.  It was a 7am start for us for a 4 hour drive to Bright Victoria to setup a proposal for Con and his lovely girlfriend. We had one week between lockdowns in Victoria that allowed us to travel to make a weekend away for these two a memorable one.

Planning had been going on and off for a few weeks as Victoria was in and out of lockdowns and when we just coming out of a lockdown the opportunity arose to the first opportunity to take full advantage.

We headed off one Friday morning from Melbourne at 7am in Melbourne for the 4 hour drive to the beautiful town of Bright where Con had booked a gorgeous Airbnb for the weekend.  Arriving in Bright about 11.30am as we had taken a short stop on our way through.  We had organised with the local newsagent who also provided balloons to the local area for our ceiling balloons and brought our own heart shaped balloons for them to fill.  All dropped off we took the opportunity to have a walk through the local shops while our balloons were being filled.

An hour later we popped back in and picked up our balloons and headed off to the Airbnb that had been booked.  The cottage was already for us.  Unloading the lights, balloons and decorations we got to work to put the proposal scene together as Con was on his way and had been texting us to  keep us informed on his whereabout and arrival to Bright.

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Once the proposal setup was complete, we left and headed back on into town while Con and his lovely girlfriend checked in.  We had pulled the blinds down ¾ of the way where possible, so the suspense was created until they reached the front door.  As there were no blinds on the front door all was revealed as soon they reached the front door.  After Con’s partner tried to open the front door to no avail as the excitement was overwhelming so Con took over and opened the door on the first try.

Getting down on bended knee Con proposed and they took the time to enjoy and celebrate and make phone calls home to family as they were waiting as they knew what had been planned.

We arrived back about an hour after the proposal to packdown take some photos for them and headed back to Melbourne for the 4 hour drive home.  Arriving home about 9pm

We were so lucky to get this one weekend as the following weekend we were back in lockdown the was supposed to be for 7 days turned out to be another 4months


Bright Airbnb Proposal