A Birthday , Surprise Proposal and a New Home a triple celebration for Yang and Wanying.  What a way to start off 2021 celebrating with family and close friends.

Starting off with a birthday lunch with family and friends was the decoy for this surprise proposal followed by having cake at their new home after lunch which was the setting for their beautiful Pink and Red color themed proposal.  Pink being Wanying’s favorite color and Red being the color Love and Romance.


A Birthday Surprise Proposal:


  • Balloons
  • Marry Me Lights
  • Roses in Cylinder Vases
  • Silk Petals
  • Led Candles
  • Red Heart Rug

The proposal setting started off with Yang meeting us at their new home to setup in the morning before heading off to meet Wanying and their family for lunch for her birthday.  This also was the perfect decoy as Yang had a agreed with the agent to get access to their new home for an inspection as it was arranged that they would all becoming back after lunch to have cake and further birthday celebrations as well as a house inspection.  Well that’s what Wanying thought.  However Yang had other plans with a surprise proposal setup in their new lounge room.

We love the color combination of the Pink and Red theme setup with balloons, roses in cylinder vases, silk petals, led candles and and of course our red heart rug.  All set out in various levels from the ceiling, mantle piece and the floor to give an instant wow factor.

Proposal Tip:  Sometimes having additional plans such as a lunch or dinner date will help as a decoy to your proposal. The additional plans also allows you to create an amazing day or evening with extra romantic memories to last a lifetime.