Bed and Breakfast proposal Wensleydale down past Geelong was Jack and Taylah’s perfect getaway starting with a helicopter arrival from Geelong to Wensleydale arriving at the gorgeous log cabin style bed and breakfast accommodation that Jack had booked for the evening.

The secret planning of the proposal was just amazing with Jack taking a day off work and driving his work car to the bed and breakfast accommodation and arranging an uber back home just as if was coming home from work early.  Taylah did not pick up that his work vehicle did not come home before they left in her car to the helipad to catch the helicopter to fly from Geelong to Wensleydale for the night.



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Coming in by helicopter they arrived at “The Wensleydale” bed and breakfast around 4pm. Jack had engaged our services to come down for the afternoon to setup our Marry Me Lights to be setup in front of the cabin so they could be seen as they were circling above to land.  Walking from the helicopter to the outdoor balcony with the lights in front Jack got down on bended knee and proposed to Taylah.

Jack had engaged a local photographer who took photos from the helicopter arrival right down to the proposal and some lovely couple shots afterwards.

Once the proposal was complete, we all packed up so that they could enjoy their engagement and a romantic night away.

Bed and Breakfast Proposal Wensleydale