Beachside Melbourne proposal at the Sandringham Band Rotunda was the perfect location for Tushar and Manya’s proposal. Set for a midweek lunchtime proposal with family and friends in attendance.

The shock on Manya’s face was just epic as she walked up the stairs into her proposal but not quite reaching the top before heading back down thinking she had walked into someone else’s proposal. Thankfully family were right behind to push her back up the stairs and finding Tushar waiting at the top along with family crouched down hiding.

Live streaming was also setup for additional family members to watch as Tushar got done on bended knee to propose with such delight from family.  Manya’s overwhelming emotion taking hold in such shock and delight as she said yes before Tushar placed the gorgeous engagement ring on her finger.

beachside proposal melbourne
beachside melbourne proposal
beachside proposal melbourne

It was a well planned surprise proposal with Tushar and Manya family being involved with a convoy of vehicles heading down to the Mornington Peninsula for lunch with a stop along the way in Sandringham for the proposal.  Manya had no idea or questioned why they were stopping as there was to much fun and conversation happening for her to think anything was up.

Tushar and Manya too the time to have photos with family and friends around the proposal setup before they headed down to the beach after the proposal to have more professional photos taken along the beach. Walking hand and hand along the waters edge as well as some cliff top photos.

Thank you to our friends at Ferdi Photography for taking the professional photos on the day to capture a special time in their lives that they will be able to cherish forever along with future everlasting memories to come.

Beachside Proposal Melbourne