Bayside Rotunda Marriage Proposal for Raji and Noha New Years Day at the Sandringham Band Rotunda was the perfect beach style location and the perfect way to start 2020.  

The proposal was organised through Raji’s sister Nina whom sent us photo’s and a Tik Tok video as inspiration of the look they were going with. Which we were able to provide something similar with our florist Tyabb Roses who made the beautiful dried flower arrangements for each side of the Marry Me Lights.

With a white themed proposal we were able to provide the additional props to make the perfect romantic proposal that Raji had in mind to propose to Noha


With friends and family gathered around the proposal was set awaiting Noha’s arrival.  Watching from a far Noha arrived with no idea with her friends as they took a scenic walk to the rotunda so by the time she arrived it was time.  We didn’t who was more excited Raji or their family and friends.

We have been honoured to receive the family’s video to share of the moment Noha walked up the stairs into the proposal lined with white carpet, candles and of course our light up Marry Me Letters with dried flower arrangements on either side.  Petals were scattered just before she arrived due to some windy weather

Bernadette from Heart String Music played All of Me by John Legend on Violin as Noha arrived.

So click on the below video to enjoy the moment Noha walked up the stairs for Raji to romantically go down on bended knee and propose .



We would like to congratulate Raji and Noha on getting engaged and thank them for these lovely photos and video for us to share with you.

Bayside Rotunda Marriage Proposal