Yarra Valley Marriage Proposal was the perfect location at the old Bramleigh Receptions for Brad and Justine.  Brad and his family travelled from Sydney to create the perfect proposal.



yarra valley marriage proposals
Marriage Proposal Yarra Valley


With a 10m Red Carpet laid from the front door to the proposal area with fresh petals scattered all the way down created the suspense before reaching the small alcove where our Marry Me lights were setup with heart shaped rug and more fresh petals scattered.

With the ring placed in the center of the rug allowed Brad to get down on one knee and pick up the ring and present it to Justine as he asked her “Will You Marry Me”

With an intimate setup created for Brad to propose to Justine after spending the day out together before coming back to Bramleigh Receptions to meet with family for a small barbeque.  The proposal was set inside in a small alcove with the gardens set behind giving a lovely intimate feeling.

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Brad and Justine’s Proposal included:

  • 10 meter red carpet runner
  • fresh flower petals in reds, white and pinks
  • Heart shaped rug
  • Marry Me Lights 

Yarra Valley Marriage Proposal

Proposal Tip

When leaving the engagement ring with family or friends have them place the ring where you can pick it up easily when bending down on one knee,  With a center decoration as a focal point is perfect especially if you feel carrying around in your pocket all day will only increase your nerves.