Surprise Marriage Proposal was certainly a whirl wind for Peter and Monica just before Stage 4 Restrictions came into play during this year’s Pandemic of Covid 19. We received a call from one of our wedding venue’s asking to help with a marriage proposal for one of their staff members what else could we say but yes how can we help.

Having  just seen our new Marry Me light up letters on our website they new this was going to be perfect. So after a discussion a plan was hatched for a home proposal at Peter and Monica’s apartment with a day to be confirmed.



surprise marriage proposal at home


So working as a team the room was rearranged that included moving some furniture  closing the blinds to allow for the Marry Me letters to standout and  without being impacted by the weather outside. Placing some candles on either side creating a small walk way with silk petals scattered up and down the aisle and in front of “Marry Me” The plan was to create that instant “Oh” “Ahh” “Wow” moment as soon as the couple walked in the door.

A small table was setup that was available to us in the apartment to allow us place some extra special items that included a couple photo, bottle of champagne to celebrate with, petals for extra love and of course that beautiful engagement ring for Peter to propose with.

surprise marriage proposal


A few days later we received confirmation a day was selected and the final items were chosen to create a small intimate romantic setting in their apartment..  So how was this going to work you may ask?  Stephanie the event manager that Peter works with arranged to collect a spare key and meet us at his apartment at 4pm on the Thursday.

So the day arrives and we had less than 45 minutes to transport everything up to the 5th floor of their apartment building and setup and leave before Peter and Monica came home.  As you can well imagine we ran and moved as quickly as possible.  With masks being mandatory at this time it was certainly a challenge to breathe and run at the same time.  However the excitement was contagious.


marry me letters

Once the proposal scene was completed we were able to take a couple of quick  photos with our phone they we are sharing with you and then quickly leave the apartment before Peter and Monica arrived home from their walk with their beloved dogs.

So the question you ask did she yes?   On arriving back to the apartment both Peter and Monica walked straight into their proposal blown away on what we created with Peter getting down on one knee and proposing with a ” Yes” .

Stephanie took a few photo’s for them afterwards for them to enjoy in the moment and share with family and friends later on.  We had already prearranged to come back the following day to collect our items and to wish the lovely couple congratulations  This allowed both Peter and Monica to enjoy in the moment and celebrate the evening away.

Surprise Marriage Proposal is what we love to do and what all our Marriage Proposals is about  the “Surprise”.

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